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At this time I do not have any puppies.  Currently I do not have plans for a litter in 2019; however, I will be breeding again once I am completely settled in my new location.  Please feel free to contact me regarding the details.  Please note that all pups are sold on an AKC Limited Registration.

Here's a look at my litters with Winnie and Carmen in 2017.  (Both Winnie and Carmen were bred to the very handsome CH Stonewall Farm's Here's Looking At You Kid "Bogie" .)  Peruse their first 8 weeks through my puppy blog below:    (If you click the pictures they will enlarge.)

4/1/17 - No April Fools day here!  Officially announcing that puppies have arrived at Kee-Pin!  Carmen had her pups on Wednesday 3/29/17 and not to be out done Winnie started having her's about 6 hours after Carmen finished up!  So it was an all nighter here with Winnie's officially arriving 3/30/17 in the early morning hours!  Thank goodness for late night TV and plus got see ZBB on Jimmy Fallon while in the waiting mode!  Carmen had 8 pups and Winnie had 7 pups - unfortunately we lost one from each litter, so the numbers are 7 for Carmen and 6 for Winnie.  Losing pups is always very hard, but I truly believe mother nature knows more then we do sometimes.  So we move forward and enjoy the new little ones and the moms!  (If you see blue spots or red spots on the pups - not to worry - it is nail polish - I use this to identify the pups!)

4/9/17 - 11/12 days old.  Everyone is doing great!  The moms settled in nicely, the pups are all growing nicely, and me...things are returning to 'normal' as normal can be with 2 litters!   The pups are getting big - they are almost 2.5 times their birth weights.  Both moms have been very respectful of the other's litter - they've checked each other's litter out but it does seem they know which hungry pup cries are theirs!  The pups have spent this first week+ of their lives - eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping and eating and sleeping!  A side note....Spring has finally arrived here today and we actually have crocus blooming with the daffies ready to start blooming any day - and I don't see a single snow pile anywhere!  So I can say things are good here!

4/16/17 - 17/18 days old!  Happy Easter everyone!  This week brought lots of changes for the pups!  They now have their eyes & ears open and they WALK!  Its always amazing how fast they grow!  The moms continue to be terrific moms - funny thing this morning - Winnie was looking at Carmen's pups and hopped into the box - Carmen's pups saw a new milk bar and were all in on that round!  Carmen's reaction to Winnie - "you go for it girl - I'm taking a nap here on a comfortable bed!"  Needless to say Winnie did get chased (by me) back to her pups!

4/23/17 - 3.5 weeks old - it was a milestone week for the puppies!  They are now getting solid food and my work really starts to intensify - as the moms relax a bit from their duties I take over with the feedings.  I always let the moms self wean the pups - if they want to jump in and feed that is fine - over the next few weeks their milk will decrease in relation to the pups increased puppy food intake.  Teeth have also come in!  Those puppy needle teeth are also a sign the moms will decrease nursing time!  I know both moms are ready for a bit of a break - as I type this both Winnie and Carmen are curled up on my feet!   I think some play time outside for them is in order on this beautiful spring day!

4/30/17 - 4.5 weeks old - the pups had another week of growing - this week they learned that they could climb out of the box and hang out with mom overnight.  A couple mornings I found a couple pups stretched out on mom's bed!  Thus the first divider level is now inserted into the access way!  The moms continue to be wonderful moms - not letting the pups go without a good meal of milk on top of the pup food they are getting.  Some moms self wean the pups early - others are nursing up to the morning the pups leave!  Today they had their first visitors!  I want everyone that traveled both near and far to meet and greet the pups!  The weather didn't cooperate to get the pups outside but we made the best of the day!  It's fair to say that people got a dose of puppy breath and love!  I know that the days are being counted down to pick up!

5/7/17 - 5.5 Weeks Old!  The pups are getting bigger by the day - this week they ranged in weights from 5.5 - 6.75 pounds!  And to think they will still double their weights between now and pick up!  We had visitors again this week!  They helped snuggle and cuddle the pups all in the name of socialization!  Many thanks to Kathryn and Ken for assisting in todays photo shoot - they did a terrific job!

5/14/17 - 6.5 Weeks Old!  Happy Mothers Day to all who have human kids and fur kids!  The 'moms' had a good mother's day!  Lots of attention and some extra biscuits!  Thanks to our visitors today for helping with the 'task' of picking up, holding and snuggling with the pups!  The pups are tuckered out and sleeping as I write this (only to be recharged about 9 pm!).  The weather has cooperated and they had some adventures outside this week!  And if the weather forecast is correct we'll be getting the pup pool out for them this week!

5/21/17 - 7.5 weeks Old!  Wow I can't believe that the puppies will be leaving to their new homes this week!  Seems like just yesterday I was sitting up watching Jimmy Fallon with Carmen's pups here and waiting on Winnie's to arrive!  The pups all went to the vet this week and had an excellent check up - I really thank Dr. Meyer and the staff at Granville Small Animal Hospital for all they do for me - they helped me in and out with 13 pups and had all the paperwork ready and set for us!  The visit was seamless!  Oh and did I mention the proverbial "Labranacle Choir" - yes they were in full chorus with their serades on their first car ride!  We've had some nice weather so the pups have been enjoying pool time again!

Adding a short clip of Carmen's pups having some pool fun around the pool!

5/28/17 -  Hard to believe a short 8.5 weeks ago we had all the pups make their entry into the world!  The puppy room is very quiet now.  All the pups have left over the past couple days with their people and are now settled into their new homes.  The best part of puppy pick up is watching how excited everyone is greeting and hugging their new family members!  Remember everyone you have me for life now -  any questions any time I am here!  And remember it doesn't have to be questions - I love the updates!  I do have to apologize to Pride and his owner - I missed your picture!  Hugs and biscuits to Annie, Bowie, Coal, Duffy, Happy, Hemi, Korra, Louie, Mickey, Pride, Sam, Siren and Zeke!  This is my last installment of Carmen's and Winnie's March 2017 litters - please join me and enjoy the pick up pictures!

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